Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Decorating with Ornaments

The most simple and affordable way to spruce up your holiday decor each year is to decorate with ornaments! They aren't just for adorning your tree, there are hundreds of ways you can use ornaments to create a fun and festive feel in your home during the holiday season. Here are a few of my favorite ways;

Fill a glass vase with  ornaments of various shapes and sizes and place in any room of the house!

via Country Living

via Fresh Home Ideas

A staircase banister is a great place to display eye catching ornaments. 

via Real Simple

There are all different sorts of ways you can use ornaments to create a lovely table scape for your holiday feast. . .

 via Country Living

I love the idea of using ornaments and ribbon to make a napkin holder. This looks like it would be pretty simple to do and would add a splash of color to your table setting.

via Better Homes & Gardens

Add some holiday cheer to any window in your house by hanging fun ornaments using colorful, coordinating ribbon!

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Ornament wreaths have been popular for a while. (I made one a few years back that you can check out here!) These wreaths will add a splash of festive fun to any front door and they are pretty simple to make. You can find the tutorial here and customize them any way you like.

 via Better Homes & Gardens

Here's a creative and playful idea. . . make a Christmas tree on the wall using twigs and ornaments for a whimsical feel in your home. This is also a great idea if you don't have the space for a traditional tree.

Build a garland from ornaments to be strung above a window, doorway or over the mantel. Learn how to create one here.

via Pretty-Quirky

Or you can create a more traditional style garland using ornaments and ribbon. This would look great draped over a mantel, an armoire,  in front of a mirror, in a window, or wherever!

via Better Homes & Gardens

via Better Homes & Gardens

This is a unique idea. . . a glass pedestal vase filled with ornaments doubles as a pot for a gorgeous orchid plant.

via Better Homes & Gardens

Spruce up your dining space even more by hanging ornaments from a chandelier! This can be done with ribbon or fishing line. Now this is an idea I think I am going to incorporate into my holiday decor this year!

via Decorpad

Pssst. . . Want to know a cost saving trick? My favorite places to find festive and affordable ornaments are Target, Walmart and the Dollar Store. If you mix in some cheap ones with some pretty ones, I swear nobody will know the difference! Do you have any other creative ideas for using ornaments to decorate your home during the holidays? Please share!

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