Friday, April 22, 2011

Cheap Chic: Small, Pretty Acessories from JourneyChic

Laura from JourneyChic is here today to kick off the guest-post series I will be running every Friday for the next two months. In case you missed the announcement, I've invited some amazing blogstresses to come on over and share some ideas with you on how to create a stylish and gorgeous home without spending a lot of money!
Hello JPM Design readers! I'm Laura from JourneyChic, a gal on a lifelong quest to find fabulous style at realistic prices, and help others make their homes and wardrobes more chic.

Sometimes the tiniest objects can have a real style impact while also serving an important function. Do you take your rings off when you wash your face, apply makeup, or do the dishes? Have you ever come dangerously close to losing your heirloom (or fantastic bargain find) down the drain? Recently I got sick of worrying about this potential catastrophe and went on the hunt for a ring dish.

Anthropologie is one of those stores that have loads of beautiful things I'd love to buy, but at prices that are just at the edge of what my wallet is willing to endure. So, I wondered if they might have a small ring dish at a reasonable price. Score! They have several pretty, interesting ceramic dishes all under $14!

I bought the Saguaro dish for myself (the flower), and the Sidekick Show-off (the dog) as a gift for a friend. Here's my dish, dressing up the toilet tank in my bathroom:

The dish rests in a capiz tray that I scored at HomeGoods, and the ring was my grandma's. The inscription (JAA 19) stands for "Junior Athletic Association, 1919" and she received it when her high school basketball team won the championship back in 1919. It goes without saying that this is an important piece that I wouldn't want to fish out of the drain with a coat hanger!

Although my dish is making my bathroom a bit more pretty, it would look equally lovely perched on a bookshelf.

Looking for a stunning ring to dress up your fingers and give yourself another excuse to pick up a pretty dish? Check out these finds, all under $45!

I must admit that the working title for this post was "Where to Keep Your Precioussssss" but I was worried that I might be the only Lord of the Rings fan in the group. Now you know I have a geeky side. :)

Thank you so much for having me, Mary!
And a really big thank you to Laura for stopping by! I am loving the ring dish she has in her bathroom, and how special is that ring from her grandmother?! If you haven't already visited JourneyChic, you should! She has tackled some really great DIY projects and is constantly sharing chic and cheap decorating and organizing ideas with her readers as well as fashion picks, craft projects and more. If only I lived closer to Boston, we'd totally be friends in real life!

Notice the new look?! Just like when you have visitors stop by your house and you scramble at the last minute to get the place looking decent, I did the same with the blog! I finally figured out how to change the width so that I can post bigger (and better) images. It was super easy, it makes me wonder why I put it off so long!

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