Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My 2 sq. ft. Office -- Before & After

If I had it MY way, I would have an office that looked a little something like this. . .

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A parsons desk. Ghost chair. Zebra rug. Ample storage. Huge inspiration board. Lamps. Artwork. . . And the list goes on. That would be my dream office. . .

When we moved into our new house we had to downsize drastically. (But that's OK, because we are now homeowners and can do what we wish with our home!) Downsizing meant that I no longer would have a room or space dedicated to an office, until we had it in our budget to enclose our patio and undergo a big remodel. . . .

I was inspired by these small, tucked away work spaces. . .


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So I dedicated a linen closet in our hallway to officially become my "office" (for the time being.) Check out the before;

After relocating one of the shelves, a little bit of paint, organizing, a quick $40 trip to Ikea for a chair, boxes and drawers to store stuff-- I now have a place to call my "office". Ok, so the square footage is just a little bit shy of 2 square feet, but hey, it works for me for right now!

My "office-closet" was recently featured on Young House Love-- Check it out! 

While we are on the subject of offices, check out a few of my favorite blogger's stylish work spaces;





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