Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wedding Wednesday!

There is no denying that my love for this color combination stems from my obsession over turquoise and coral jewelry! I started collecting turquoise when my grandmother passed away nine years ago. I know this sounds horrible, but I had to scour her house after her passing in order to ensure that I would be the first to get my hands on her famous turquoise necklace from Mexico. I have never worn it, in fact, it sits in a little wooden box in my dresser drawer, but I plan to wear it on my wedding day. (Whenever that will be!) Lately, I have been pairing turquoise with red a lot; in interiors, in the clothes I wear, and I have even made some turquoise and coral jewelry. (I'm preparing to open an Etsy shop, but please be patient, as you know it takes a while from the conception phase to the point of execution when it comes to ANYTHING for me!)

I simply adore this color combination. Wouldn't it be great for a fall wedding?! It combines a tertiary color that is usually associated with summer and a primary color that is often used in the winter. It is elegant and fun at the same time!

images via stylemepretty blog and flickr
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