Thursday, September 17, 2009

Steal the look!

Ok, so after posting the "Image of the day" earlier I kept thinking to myself, "WOW, I really love this room! How can I use this as inspiration for a potential client?!" Well I did some shopping online to source out all the products, put together this little mood board, and badabing-badaboom, an hour later I have my very first "Steal the Look" post to show you all! (I know, it is very "Suzie-from-Decorpad" OR "Sherry-from-Young-House-Love" -ish of me! I can't help it, those girls are rad and I envy their creativity and knowledge of decor!) Anyhow, here's how to achieve this look; - Light Maple Platform Bed - $147.60
Ikea - Duvet Cover & Pillow Shams - $59.99
Sears - Pink Memory Foam Pillow - $49.99 (x 2) - Marimekko Pieni Unikko Pillow - $37.00 - Sologna Side Table - $229.00 (x 2) - Martha Stewart Swing Arm Lamp - $169.15 (x2) - Glitzy Area Rug 5x8 - $229.00 - Garrick Mesh Side Chairs - $129.99
Frames - Ikea - Ribba Frames (Various sizes and shapes available)

Total Cost $1,498.87
(excluding art & frames, as well as any taxes or shipping charges)

This just goes to show you that great design doesn't have to cost a lot!
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