Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trend or Tradition?

Gallery walls. I love them! Whether they are a combination of different styles and mediums, or consist of groupings of similar images, they can have a dramatic affect on any room of the house. They are great in living rooms, hallways, dining rooms, bedrooms, or even kids rooms. The possibilities are endless! I love the idea of combining fine art with a modern poster, accompanied by black and white photographs, with a few pieces of kids' artwork thrown in! Eclecticism is the name of the game! I am thinking about trying this in my home! Maybe in the dining room?! We shall see. . .

If you are interested in putting together a gallery wall and don't have piles of artwork laying around your attic, here are a few good sources for affordable solutions. Ikea is always a great place to find budget savy frames and art as well. -----> New favorite! You can print these for FREE!!
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