Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Project Sneak Peek

I'm working with a new online design client to help redecorate several rooms in her home. When we first started chatting she described her style as "traditional with a twist". I knew right away that this project was going to be super fun! Here's the design plan I came up with for the dining area;

As you can tell from the floor plan, the dining area serves as sort of a "walkway" to the hallway. Also, there are no windows in the space, so lighting was super important. We decided to go with a settee, pedestal table and smaller scale chairs in order to maximize the narrow space. The mirror is an existing piece that my client already has and I love the way it will look over the settee! This room serves as both the formal and casual dining areas, as well as where the youngsters in the family gathers to play games, draw, etc. I love the way this design came together and am so excited to see the room take shape!

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