Monday, May 7, 2012

Entry Design

I'm working with an online-design client right now to help her transform the first level of her home in New York. (You can check out the living room design board here in case you missed it!)

I recently put the finishing touches on the design package for her entry. This room in her home serves several purposes. First of all it's the first room in the house when you walk in the front door (hence the reason I referred to it as the 'entry'.) Secondly, it serves as a 'mud room' so to speak and had to have loads of storage for coats, shoes, etc. Lastly, it is also used as a reading and sitting room since the natural light in this space is phenomenal. Here's the design I came up with for the space;

My first goal when designing any space is to address the functionality first. Form and aesthetic (the pretty stuff) always come second. I think the design of this space will serve a multitude of functions while also being stylish and chic, don't you think?!

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